Our Steps for Designing new Characters

Our first step

As a Video Game Art Studio we approach character design as a team at first, giving different ideas and approaches on how the style, color and appearance could be in a given world or an epic story. Then we consider the proposals and begin to define what could be the foundation of the character visually. And explore again different approaches , sometimes a small adjustment could lead to a better version of the new character.

Exploring character design options

The next phase involves creating all the reference art for the character design, such as a lineup of all the characters involved in the production, this is updated while we advance in production,  color palette, details, orthographic views, if necessary or what is needed by the production.

Understanding the characters

The character’s personality influences the design, what could suit the behavior better, what goes better with their actions, this gives enough information to explore character poses and build all the model sheets needed. How the character reacts to a determinate situation, always keeping in mind the coherence with the storyline or game progression.

Functionality, functionality, functionality...

Designing involves functionality so when our team designs a character, there is space for adjustments to let the character exist in the production, so we develop the reference for construction as well based on guidelines from the production.

Assets also support messages

When we talk about stylized art, we know there will be a certain level of interpretation to 3D, to make it work in scene or in the game and keep the stunning appeal that the stylized art brings.

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