2D and 3D Assets  for Video Games and Animation

Shared needs in assets

Video games and animation  have something incredibly simple in common , they need compelling elements for the characters/players to interact with, they have to feel as if they belong to this fascinating world in terms of design. As a  passionate 2D art and 3d stylized studio, our team has the track record and skills to work on these kinds of 2D assets, from the elementary designing stage to the final production of the assets, which will be delivered with the technical specifications required by the project’s pipeline and within their deadline.

Were to start?

One of the first stages is to comprehend the key intention in the style, the character design, how these assets will be involved? Are they background elements?  or if we are talking about a videogame, for instance, Do they have an important or unusual role? such as unexplained interactable items that involve an extra animation or another kind of unique feedback.

Another important design insight is the character’s engaging personality, what could suit better to his or her mischievous or provocative behavior, what goes better with their most notable actions, always keeping in mind the optimal coherence with the aesthetics of this legendary world.

Our Workflow

When we design and produce a 2d Asset, we first go through a guaranteed professional sketch stage, where we explore compelling alternatives of what this asset could become in terms of shape, and then color and details. The next phase involves creating all the reference art for the design, such as scale, color palette, details, orthographic views, all this in record time, always considering the roadmap of the production.

What about 3D assets

For a 3D asset, the process and formula are similar, and the only thing that changes is going from a brassy 2D to a dazzling 3D. We will take the time to take a deep provocative look into these elements from a different angle, we will deeply think about what should be its design according to its functionality?Which texture maps will be needed? Does it involve producing animations for some events or states of the 3D asset? Polycount?

Assets also support messages

Sometimes the project needs 2D and 3D assets to explain things or as GUI elements. In this project our team created a series of bold infographics where the designs should be limited to replicate the production design guidelines, keeping shapes as simple and recognizable as possible, but with refined shapes and a sassy color palette. All the 2D assets were designed to reach the stylized vision required by the project.

Need a reliable and talented team to lend you a hand on your epic illustration project?

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