Designing Astonishing 2D Backgrounds: Our secret formula!

Eye-opening backgrounds designed to speak to the audience

As an animation and video game art studio we had the opportunity to develop the art style for this interesting Animated short Film, called The Guardian Spirit, involving a unique production of  2D Limited Animation.

The Challenge

Create a colorful world based on local Mayan folklore and turn it into stunning  environments that would guide Ix, the main character, and the audience through the different moments and unheard Mayan locations of the plot.

2D backgrounds with depth

This Stylized world had to be designed not only as a beautiful piece of art, but also as a way to manifest the mood of the moment. To turn a mere plantation into a magical bonding moment between the two main characters; this was a key part of the challenges in this production.

Character early designs, style approaches, key moments that deliver the message of a compelling story, a naughtyboss fight or thrilling levels of a video game. Vehicles, props. Those are some of the elements that our concept artists are in charge of developing to eventually reach the best possible outcome.

Designing with color

Another key element in the design of the backgrounds was the use of color to set the atmosphere according to layouts and most importantly the color script. Once the design choices had been made in terms of color and light, then our backgrounds team was ready to kickstart the creation of some astonishing images.

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