Stunning 2D Cutscenes and Loading Screens: A Quick look to our design process


Storytelling for video games is a key element to generate engagement with the player, to generate interest in the lore of the game, giving optimal motivation to reach the goal and accept the challenges that the videogame brings in order to get the reward of knowing the story.This makes the game a more compelling experience.

There are parts in the progression of the game where some story milestones have to be delivered, and one of the resources to achieve that, sometimes is a cutscene, that brings a small pause to the gameplay and brings insights of what is coming ahead.

How we work?

Depending on the budget and intention, our team can design the sequence according to what is happening in terms of progression and develop the storytelling that best suits the intention of the game. Sometimes the player needs to get a glimpse of the look of the next level, the new villains, or it may be a very important moment that changes the course of the story, maybe a hard decision, a dramatic reencounter, and why not some lighthearted wholesome moment. The main idea is to make it relevant to the player.

Loading screens

Loading screens are necessary technically and while the player waits , we could deliver some vital and key information as game hints, but the picture or sequence that appears on screens can be used as a tool of storytelling too. Our team is prepared to give continuity to story and style for video games that need support through time due to their nature, introducing new seasons, new characters, new challenges and events.

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