Developing Concept Art for Video Games and Animation

Understanding the project

The starting point of a project for a video game or animation could be just a document or some early approach of the idea, so a visualization of what could be the look of the project is always needed. 

The appearance of the characters, the world where they live in, important moments in the story or game progression, the style of the production, all of these key elements  need to be developed as concept art by experts. Before investing precious time in producing the final assets of the project we need to make sure the best way to portray the main idea of a video game  or animation project.

Our experience

Our team has remarkable experience visually developing enchanting animated mini series and successful video games from the ground up, creating beautiful answers that shape the final look of a gorgeous production.

Character early designs, style approaches, key moments that deliver the message of a compelling story, a naughtyboss fight or thrilling levels of a video game. Vehicles, props. Those are some of the elements that our concept artists are in charge of developing to eventually reach the best possible outcome.

Need a reliable and talented team to lend you a hand on your epic illustration project?

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