Cinematic Trailers for Video Games and Animation

Hook your audience

Nothing better to give it a hook to a project than a mind-blowing cinematic trailer, it can give more depth to the video game through a dynamic animation that sets the mood and prepares the players for what they will experience in the video game.

How we do it?

Our team excels at producing spectacular trailers; they care for every little detail, from the selection of moments for the sequence, where to cut, how to translate the style to animation and how to communicate the fun factor of the video game, captivating the audience.

As proven with all animated projects , the first step is to translate ideas to a storyboard, this is where the trailer is planned before production. We make sure that the trailer is working in terms of timing and budget.

Color is planned along the animated sequence, there we design the atmosphere of every shot to be coherent with what we are conveying. In this material you can notice the change of color palette according to what is happening on screen.

Need a reliable and talented team to lend you a hand on your epic illustration project?

Contact one of our representatives to assist you. Our team will be happy to carefully analyze your request to come up with a proposal according to your need.