Designing Unique 2D Backgrounds for Video Games

Video Game Backgrounds something more than dressing up a level.

In the development of a video game there is a lot of information going to the player, the backgrounds play an extraordinarily important part telling the player about progression in the game. It is all about where the action takes place.

The level has a layout defined by the level designers, our background designers add a more pleasurable dimension to the layout by using storytelling techniques.

Designing backgrounds in The Last Friend video game

For the video game The Last Friend, our approach was to build a habitat for each faction of enemies in the game. As a post-apocalyptic themed game, we had to bring glimpses of what happened in these places to become what they appear to be in the levels.

Designing 3D Assets

For a 3D asset, the process is similar, and it changes in terms of going from 2D to 3D. Will we see  this element from different angles? What should be its design in terms of functionality? Which texture maps will be needed? Does it involve producing animations for some events or states of the 3D asset? Polycount? 

Technical considerations

There are technical and functional aspects to consider in order to design a video game background. These aspects set parameters for our team to define the best way to deliver the art to be implemented, always keeping in mind that the goal is to deliver a unique background that adds an extra layer to the experience of the game.

For The Last Friend our studio designed Overworld maps with landmarks that identify each level, a set of 12 unique levels approximately, some of them combining 2D and 3D assets with special care in the textures to integrate them seamlessly into the videogame level.

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